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June 4-June 9 2017
John C. Campbell Folk School

The adventure into herbalism and wild edibles can be quite fun and simple. Discover plants you can find in the woods, your gardens, and your yards, and how to easily use them to create delicious flavors in your meals and add vitality to your life. We will make herbal vinegars, honeys, oils, green powders, teas, salves, and nutritional snacks. This class will get you hooked on herbal creations that can easily become a part of your daily life. Beginners welcome.

If you haven’t been to the John C. Campbell Folk School, I highly recommend it.  The Folk School is based on a model from Denmark, which helped bring education and creativity to rural areas,  and offers classes in various crafts and skills of the Appalachia region.  It is a beautiful opportunity to be lovingly held and inspired by the cultural life of these mountains.


Below classes will be held at the home and gardens of Herban Farmacy in Reems Creek, deep in the mountains of Weaverville.  Enjoy the beautiful drive and be prepared to experience some of the plants in their natural environment, while we will spend the day outside in the gardens and on the trails and then also in the classroom.   We are just 1o minutes from Weaverville.   Register for classes at the bottom of the page!

Skin Picnic: TBA or upon request

Our skin needs fed just as our bodies do.  And our skin is our first defense.  Learn how to best feed ycloseupstjohns(web)our skin with an array of nourishing oils to feed, heal and revitalize your skin, while creating aromatherapy blends specific to your skin type, as well as your emotional needs.  These handcrafted, decadent serums and spritzers will keep your skin looking young and healthy.  Skin care products can be very expensive and filled with toxic ingredients.  These delicious blends will save you lots of money yet leave you looking and feeling like a million bucks.

  • a discussion on carrier oils
  • a discussion on aromatherapy and a sensory experience of essential oils best suited for our skin
  • create a handcrafted facial serum or body oil , spritzer, body or facial scrub and cleanser
  • 10 -4 Saturday and Sunday
  • Class is $150.  Includes handouts, recipes and  4 handcrafted products.  (Price is $165 after July 15)
  • Saturday only $65.  Lecture, handouts and sensory exploration of aromatherapy.  You will craft your own aromatherapy spritzer.  Price increases to $70 after July 15).

Herbs for family Health: TBA or upon Request 11-4 (hour lunch)IMG_4059

  • Our diet can get pretty bland in the winter.  So can our bodies vitality.  Learn to pack your kitchen  with vital options to get your through the winter in optimum health and with nutrient abundance.
  • You will leave with
    • a knowledge of which herbs are great foods AND great medicine
    • tasting and creating herbal vinegars and infusions
    • fire ciders, mineral punch and more!
    • dried food herb preparations and how to use them
    • 11-4  $50 for class, handouts, recipes,yummy vital samples, fire cider, vital vinegar and wild green powder.
    • Day off is $60

The Herb Cabinet (First Aid and Food): TBA

Most Standard First Aid kits overlook lots of necessary items for treatment of basic things, like bruises, headaches, stings, burns, sprains and more.  Herbalism has many options, which are often more safe and frequently more effective.  But don’t take my word.  Come experience for yourself.


  •  Kitchen Apothecary- the herbs in your kitchen and how they heal
  • Create a home first aid kit
  • Learn the minimum to bring as your travel first aid kit
  • 10-4 Saturday and Sunday
  •   $110 for handouts, lecture and a variety of products to begin your first aid kit
  • Saturday only $55-mostly lecture on the kitchen apothecary and uses of herbs in first aid
  • Sunday only $65-more hands on building  a first aid kit.  You will leave with a number of items to begin your first aid kit for home and travel.


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