“I so appreciate the vitality and vibrancy that is in each of the preparations, the tea’s fresh smell, the tincture’s purity, the strength and depth of the syrups. There is a strong sense of the care and love that you both have put into your products. Also, the newsletter was informative and very inspiring; the big passion of your lives is evident in your words as well as your products. Thanks for creating such an abundance of health in this community.”  Nathan, Asheville, NC

“You can tell with all the little details (pretty labels, loving share pickups and newsletters) that you’re pouring all your love and soul into these shares.”       Natalie, Asheville, NC

Calendula flowers drying for tea

“We like to support local, wellness-related endeavors. We also wanted to try some new herbal remedies and teas. It has formed part of an ongoing process to live a health lifestyle, respect Nature, and

support local endeavors.”  -BS  Cincinnati, OH

“We enjoyed trying out the items in the Winter CSA, and appreciated your educational newsletters. You are both so warm and personable. Our Favorites: Hibernation tea, lavender spray, elderberry syrup and tincture, and Earth Truffles!” 
Donna, Asheville, NC

Parts of the garden that provide your medicine

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