2021 Offerings


In such unique times we need lots of options to choose what fits our desires, our interests, our budget, our schedule, our safety and boundaries. The plant world is MASSIVE. You could spend your entire life focusing on one plant! Let alone the plants of Appalachia. Here you have options on different classes to choose from according to your interests. Choose online or in person or a session of each. Choose herbalism and plant craft. This series of 4 week sessions is designed to be taken individually or all together. None of the classes overlap in days and are scheduled in a way to allow you to do any series that interests you. These 4 week sessions will give you plenty of empowerment and tools and empowerment to continue on with what we cover and will also keep you curious about stepping more deeply into the plant world. What adventure will you choose?

Medicine Makers 3rd Saturday 3/20-6/19
Hearth Tenders 3rd Sundays 4/18-7/11
Foragers 2nd Sundays 4/10-7/11
Plant Craft 2nd Saturdays 5/8-8/14

FOR ONLINE CLASSES: After registration, you will receive an email with links to our online forum, as well as PDF’s to print out, which will include directions, ingredients, recipes and lots of educational details.  You can use these to follow along with class, take notes on or to refresh your memory later.  You will have access to the recorded classes.  And if you cannot make a weekend, you can still catchup with the recording.  You will also get to participate in an online group with your classmates, to share ideas, continue to ask each other and instructors questions and develop a broader plant curious community. You will receive directions as necessary for each class prior to class date. 

*Medicine Makers (live online series)*

Medicine Makers Live online
3rd Saturdays March 20th-June 5th
10am -5pm

Signup deadline March 6th

This 4 week series will give you lots of knowledge and experience and making many of the most common and important medicines in herbal medicine.  You will learn to make herbal vinegars, teas, tinctures, salves, herbal oils, elixirs, cordials and syrups.  This will spark your curiosity yet give you the confidence to begin making many medicines in your own home and life.   You will learn and watch medicine making from start to finish and learn how to consider which plants to use in your preparations according to their properties.  This will give you lots of educational fun to help you create your very own apothecary and begin using it for yourself and your family.  PDFs handouts with directions and recipes as well as ingredient list and resources included.


*Hearth Tenders (Live online series)*

Hearth Tenders (online) 
 3rd Sundays each month 10am-5pm
April 18th-July 11th
 4/18, 5/16, 6/20, 7/18
Sliding Scale $300-450
Signup deadline April 1st

Hearth tending.  Within these wisdom of these words, we tend the earth, we tend to our own heart and we tend to the physical hearth of the home.  Our inner home, the home we live in and this blessed green home we live upon.  HEARTH a word that holds the many levels of us.  In this series we will explore the many ways we can tend to these aspects of hearth, learning healing kitchen herbal remedies and first aid, using plants to clear the home and honor our green home,  we will stock our shelves with herbs to increase nutrient density and flavor into our lives and our loved ones throughout the season, as well as touch upon the magik of home, hearth, heart and tending this earth.  There will be lots of discussion, magic, instructional guidance and lecture, inspiration and many seeds to unlock a wide array of connection to the hearth. 


FOR LIVE CLASSES:  We will be limited to 8 people.  This is in an effort to help care for our greater community during these unique times, yet also allow opportunities to be part of this world and create meaningful connections with each other and the green world we are blessed to live upon.  We will maintain space during our outdoor outings.  A mask should be handy at all times, for there will be moments where we may need to be close and we will wear masks during those times.  There will be additional guidance per class to facilitate cleanliness of any shared materials and to lessen the need for any unnecessary contact.  We will be holding a container of acceptance and honoring the needs of our classmates to feel safe.  Speaking up for any additional needs or boundaries one has is highly encouraged and is to be received.  Classes will be held rain or shine at various locations within the Asheville area.  You will need to bring the rain and sun protection, as well as lunch, snacks and water to keep you cared for on these days. Those directions and details will be given out prior to each class.  Please do reach out to Jamie with any questions or concerns.   

*Foragers (live in person series)*

Foragers (live in person)
2nd Sundays  10am -5pm

4/10,  5/9, 6/13, 7/11
various locations based within 20- 45 minutes of the Asheville area
Sliding scale for the series $325-500 materials are included
One Class: $125
Sign up deadline for series: April 1st

Join us for 4 months of foraging!  You will get to see different plants immerging as spring turns to summer and the diversity of the delicious wildness arounds us shifts to meet our bodies needs.  Each month, we will enjoy a plant and foraging walk, RAIN OR SHINE.  Each month you will learn about lots of edible plants as well as preparation of different wild foods, varying from condiments, main dishes, appetizers and more.  We will explore various ecosystems from deep woods to city streets to learn about all the possibilities in the food market of mother nature. We will enjoy light snacks of various wild foods during our day that we will prepare together or that I will have prepared ahead of time depending on the preparation needs and how that is affected by our present health situation in the world.    Thought out COVID protocols will be in place and strategies to maximize your experience while caring for each other and our communities.  Specific details on our wild snacks and time together will be shared upon sign up.  Feel free to ask ANY questions ahead of time if you have concerns or even thoughts that would be helpful to consider.  This is a favorite class with lots of tasty food and I have taken great efforts to again be able to offer this during these very unique times. 


*Plant Craft (live in person series)*

Plant Craft 
2nd Saturdays  10am -5pm
5/8, 6/12, 7/10, 8/14
various locations based within 20- 45 minutes of the Asheville area
Sliding scale for the series $325-500 materials are included
Sign up deadline for series: April 24th

There is so much more to herbalism than the plants we use as physical medicine.  This class creates an opportunity to more deeply connect to the land and  with the other amazing gifts that the plants of this area can offer us.  And you will create beautiful handmade objects to more deeply allow you to feel connected on your foraging and botanizing adventures.  We will make a foraging basket, cordage from various plants materials, a wool felted pouch, that we will dye with materials of the lands, plant based buttons and more.  The intention is for you to have finished crafted goods made from your own hands to use on our foraging journeys.  Everything we create will tie together very nicely to give you finished objects to help you walk more gently upon this earth, yet also walk with more beauty.  This course will have multiple teachers and will be a wonderful experience.  Your craft materials for this 4 class session are included in the price.  This class has been adjusted to allow for a safer container during these unique times with COVID.  Please see details on live classes in this page. 

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