Past Classes

Any of the below classes can be requested in your town or can be hosted at my downtown location of my lovely apothecary and healing office. Give thanks for off street parking!  (Additional details upon class signup or per class request).  I also cater to your class needs for your small group, bridal party, girl’s weekend, children’s get together and more.  Please inquire for a complete list of offerings.

November 7 2020 2-5 pm EST
live zoom class
Herbally infused vinegars are a great way to get some of the medicinal properties of many plants while getting the nutritional value that you wouldn’t get from a tincture.  This is a great way to diversify your diet and utilize an abundance of garden greens, foraged plants and edible weeds.  We will talk about many creative options for infusing your vinegar and will walk you through the infamous Fire Cider, how to make it, how to use it and the stories around it.  This class will leave you salivating and excited to put all your new visions into action and create a variety of vinegars to use in your cooking and beverages.
3 hour class. PDF handouts and recipes and access to the class recording for an additional time frame

November 8 2020 11am -1pm EST
live zoom class
Join Jamie for a walk through the vast knowledge of Elderberry Syrups and Elixirs.  You may not even know there is a difference between Syrups and Elixirs but you will surely know after this class.  Learn the difference in how to make them, use them and how to best extract the healing properties of elderberry to make the likely most effective option for what you desire.  Just in time for the changing season, these delicious blends will help support your immune system.
3 hour class. PDF handouts and recipes and access to the class recording for an additional time frame

3 hrs
Cost: $20-40
email for payment and other questions
Location: West Asheville, NC (location details given upon registration)

Cordage is one of the most basic survival skills.  We need rope to do many things.  It also allows for a deeper understanding of how we can engage with the world around us.  This 3 hour field class will delve into identifying, harvesting and processing potential materials for making natural cordage.  We will make cordage from materials the Instructor harvested so you can try your hand at different types of materials.  There will be a multitude of natural fiber cordage displayed.  You will be taught the basic techniques and characteristics needed for making good cordage, or natural rope. Participants will go home with their own cord (for a strap, bracelet, necklace, package wrapping….) and more fiber to practice with.

THIS CLASS HAS LIMITED CAPACITY DUE TO IT BEING AN IN PERSON CLASS THAT WILL BE OUTSIDE AND MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING.  This is an opportunity to enjoy people yet maintain adequate community social distancing while still enjoying a class and the sunshine together.  The number for this class will be limited to honor social distancing measures.  The instructor will have materials divided prior to the class to limit unnecessary contact.  Materials will be provided but please bring your own chair, beverages, sun protection and mask (in case of close interaction with the instructor per your request). I am happy to share additional specific details per inquiry to allow you to make informed decisions for everyone involved.

If you cannot make it to this class but are interested in an online prerecorded class, I can share details of that and how to get materials to you.

 10-5.  Pay what you can $50-100 (venmo or paypal)
email: for payment and other questions

Live Zoom Class: Will include instruction, Q and A time and PDF of handouts, recipes,directions and additional resources with suggested readings.

Tonic herbs are the ones that support our body and its various system and nutritive tonics can really heighten our general nutritive intake. What’s better is many of these can be found as the weeds in your garden or on your walks. Want to learn easy ways to diversify and add additional nutrition to your meals during quarantine? Want to learn what to do with all that dandelion or violet you are digging out of the garden? Need new ideas on how to use all the mulberries falling from the tree in the nearby parking lot. Well this class will talk about the nutrition of many of these plants and herbs and some different ways to prepare them with a special focus on making herbal infused vinegars and why and how to use them.

This in depth class will include extensive details so you can be sure and understand how to make various nutritive preparations and especially vinegars, PDFs to help you after the class, basic identification of the most common herbs you can likely find, recipes and Q and A time to get your individual questions answered. All of this from the comfort of your own home.

You will be filled will inspiration and ideas after this class and be excited for what is in your yard, garden and growing out of the concrete. So many nutritive blessings are all around you.

10-5.  Pay what you can  $50-100  (venmo or paypal) 
Live Zoom Class,  Will include instruction, Q and A time and PDF of handouts, recipes,directions and additional resources with suggested readings. 

From simple to complex.  Choosing appropriate plants for different types of tinctures and understanding how to make tinctures the wise way, the standard method and other options for particular flora.
Definitions. Reading Preparations from Materia Medicas.  Understanding ratios.  Types of Alcohol.   Which herbs to use with which method.

November 1 -November 7  2020  cancelled for this year
John C. Campbell Folk School

The Shakers’ , considered to be among some of the first herbalists, were likely interested in herbalism because of their desire to be self reliant and remain close to the natural world, learning from experience and the Native Americans” wisdom about the native plants around them.   Come enjoy a week of learning the uses and lore of many of the plants the Shakers used, while also making many wild harvested and garden grown products, foods, teas, herbades and even Switchel, a traditional Shaker herbal beverage.  You will leave with your own new wisdom to create more from your own backyard and plenty of teas and treats to keep you vital and connected to the world, like the Shakers were.

If you haven’t been to the John C. Campbell Folk School, I highly recommend it.  The Folk School is based on a model from Denmark, which helped bring education and creativity to rural areas,  and offers classes in various crafts and skills of the Appalachia region.  It is a beautiful opportunity to be lovingly held and inspired by the cultural life of these mountains.

CLASSES SCHEDULED UPON REQUEST!  (Classes held at Herban Farmacy or at your own chosen location)

Vinegars, Salts, Gomasios, Green Powders & Goodness
2 hour class

PIckled onions in turmeric and elderberry vinegar
Pickled onions in turmeric and elderberry vinegar

These mountains are full of nourishing plant allies that can diversify our meals, increase vitality and nutritional intake in our bodies and allow us to connect to our wildness.  Learn who and how as we meet and taste many forms of some of these wild plants that will keep your body vital and wild and just a bit less domesticated.  Come taste and experience how to create herbal vinegars, honeys, powders and so much more that can easily allow you to “eat something wild everyday”.

You will leave with salts and powders and the nourishment and inspiration to create your own.



This yummy delicious blend of healing herbs infused in vinegar is a wonderful folk traditions tonic that has been used by herbalists for numerous years.  Its immune supporting benefits are many and it can be used in many delicious ways.  Due to a company trademarking this old formula offered up to the herbal community there is even more of an impetus to make your own and name your own.  Join us for a fun and delicious day of community fire cider creation.  And try your hand at your own inspiration name. You will leave with some delicious fire cider, handouts on making your own infused vinegars and a sense of community and empowerment. Once you taste this delicious healing tonic you will be hooked.


Cordials stems from the French meaning “of the heart”.  Cordials were popular medicinals used to “invigorate and revitalize the heart, body and spirit, as well as cure disease”. Learn about the history of these delicious herbs and sweet heart healers, while sampling and creating an array of heart health goodness.  You will leave with recipes, a heart health cordial, some aphrodisiac medicine balls and a winged heart.  This class will likely invigorate your heart, your love life and your passion for life. $35


Our skin needs fed just as our bodies do.  And our skin is our first defense.  Learn how to best feed your skin with an array of nourishing oils to feed, heal and revitalize your skin, while creating aromatherapy blends specific to your skin type, as well as your emotional needs.  These handcrafted, decadent serums and spritzers will keep your skin looking young and healthy.  Skin care products can be very expensive and filled with toxic ingredients.  These delicious blends will save you lots of money yet leave you looking and feeling like a million bucks.

  • a discussion on carrier oils
  • a discussion on aromatherapy and a sensory experience of essential oils best suited for our skin
  • create a handcrafted facial serum or body oil , spritzer, body or facial scrub and cleanser
  • 10 -4 Saturday and Sunday
  • Class is $150.  Includes handouts, recipes and  4 handcrafted products.  

Herbs for family Health: TBA or upon Request 11-4 (hour lunch)

  • Our diet can get pretty bland in the winter.  So can our bodies vitality.  Learn to pack your kitchen  with vital options to get your through the winter in optimum health and with nutrient abundance.
  • You will leave with
    • a knowledge of which herbs are great foods AND great medicine
    • tasting and creating herbal vinegars and infusions
    • fire ciders, mineral punch and more!
    • dried food herb preparations and how to use them
    • 11-4  $50 for class, handouts, recipes,yummy vital samples, fire cider, vital vinegar and wild green powder.
    • Day of is $60

The Herb Cabinet (First Aid and Food): TBA

Most Standard First Aid kits overlook lots of necessary items for treatment of basic things, like bruises, headaches, stings, burns, sprains and more.  Herbalism has many options, which are often more safe and frequently more effective.  But don’t take my word.  Come experience for yourself.

  •  Kitchen Apothecary- the herbs in your kitchen and how they heal
  • Create a home first aid kit
  • Learn the minimum to bring as your travel first aid kit
  • 10-4 Saturday and Sunday
  •   $110 for handouts, lecture and a variety of products to begin your first aid kit
  • Saturday only $55-mostly lecture on the kitchen apothecary and uses of herbs in first aid
  • Sunday only $65-more hands on building  a first aid kit.  You will leave with a number of items to begin your first aid kit for home and travel.

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