Holistic Consultations

In your holistic consultation we will works towards your healing goals through an in depth assessment of your echinacea-salixconstitution, lifestyle choices and what factors may be at play that are affecting you.  As an herbalist, massage therapist, yoga and movement instructor, aromatherapist and trauma care worker, I offer a wide array of options to support your healing in a way that can resonate with you.

I use a blend of Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine during my evaluations and offer herbs viewed more from a Western Herbalism approach.  After a session you will leave with strategies and herbal options specific for you, your dis-ease, your lifestyle and propensities.  Each herbal formula and protocol is created to support the individual not just treat the disease.

Your session may include:
~herbal teas,  tinctures, vinegars or honeys suggestions (or prepared at an additional cost)
~nutritional and supplemental suggestions
~referrals to practitioners to support connected aspects of your situation
~movement and exercise suggestions
~aromatherapy suggestions (preparations for an additional cost)
~topical herbal treatments such as salves, liniments or oils (prepared at additional cost)
~journaling exercises

Initial consultation.  This is a more in depth consultation where both you and I will gain a greater understanding of your overall constitution and create a plan to aid you in coming to overall balance. An initial consultation generally lasts between 60-90 minutes, with my additional time investment usually being somewhere between 1-4 hours.  I then will look over your information, do necessary research and send you detailed information from our session and my findings on strategies, lifestyle, dietary and herbal supports and any additional suggestions that seem appropriate for you.

Initial consultation……………………………………………………Sliding Scale $145-$245

Follow up consultation………………………………………………Sliding Scale  $100-$200

Quick follow up (about 30 minutes)……………………………..Sliding Scale  $50-$100

Consultation prices are created to be affordable to a wide array of individuals. Sliding scale is based on your honest assessment of where you fall in our local income bracket when you think about the greater picture of your local community.  The more people pay honestly, the more opportunities I can provide to those in greater financial need.  I do my best to work with you in ways that can be the most cost effective for your budget, yet can bring balance and vitality into your life.  Some trade options are available.  Please email info@herbanfarmacy.org with your exchange proposals or questions on where you fall within sliding scale prices.

24 hour cancellation policy:  In order to honor your time, my time and other clients awaiting appointments, a cancellation policy is in place.  Cancellation must be received via phone at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.  After 24 hours there may be a charge of 50% of your service.  
Disclaimer: I do not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any substance as a form of treatment for any medical ailment or disease,  either directly or indirectly, nor do the services and offerings of Herban Farmacy and Jamie Sparks act as a replacement for your primary care practitioner.