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Changes for 2013

Herban Farmacy is still growing!  It is our one year anniversary!  We are again offering our winter herbal shares.  Certain blends that were such a success will again be offered in shares for this winter.  If you didn’t happen to get in on a share for the winter, you can stay tuned for summer shares.  AND we are not only… (more…)

Clinical Herbalism Consultations

A clinical herbalism consultation is a session in which your health history is reviewed, as well as your goals towards optimal health.  A consultation involveds reviewing the information on your client Intake form (a thorough health history questionnaire), which will cover your present health, your personal and family health history, and any current or chronic symptoms you are experiencing in… (more…)


Winter 2013 Pickups are  at Dobra Tea on Monday from 4-6:30.  Dates are as follows: January 14th February 25th March 25th   Please visit the Pickup section of the Herbal Wellness Share offerings! Sign up now by emailing for the 2013 Summer Share offering!