Clinical Herbalism Consultations

A clinical herbalism consultation is a session in which your health history is reviewed, as well as your goals towards optimal health.  A consultation involveds reviewing the information on your client Intake form (a thorough health history questionnaire), which will cover your present health, your personal and family health history, and any current or chronic symptoms you are experiencing in which you wish to seek herbal or nutritional support.   A consultation also encompasses any current herbal or medical prescriptions you are currently taking, covers a body systems check-in, discusses your health and wellness goals, and discusses your dietary and sleep patterns.  Through our conversation, you will receive recommendations of herbal supplements and nutritional advice to assist your body in seeking it’s optimum health and vitality.

COSTS: Initial Herbal Intake: 60-90 minutes  $70

Follow-up: $55

Please contact info@herbanfarmacy.org for a clinical herbal session.


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