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Community Supported Herbalism

A share getting prepped for shipment. We aim to get herbalism out to areas that may not have access.

Seasonal Wellness Shares are Here!

Shares are offered on an ongoing  basis seasonally.

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The Community Supported Herbalism (CSH) Wellness Shares are generous seasonal portions of herbal remedies to build your herbal apothecary.  For the winter months lucky members will partake in the healing powers of plants through teas, tinctures, salves, and a variety of herbal delights prepared to support health and optimal vitality.    Herban Farmacy’s products (creations, brews, medicines, blends,concoctions, compounds) are made by our own hands in small, loving batches from plants grown in our gardens or in the wildness of this bio region.  The shares include educational newsletters highlighting the cultivation and traditional uses of the herbal preparations and helping you to deepen your relationship with these plants and your bodies.  We enjoy knowing our members are creating a local apothecary and pantry that supports their health, supports the health of our earth, and expands their knowledge, their palette and their connection with the plants and local abundance around us.   Thanks for supporting your local herbalists and our green allies!

Share Size

Choose from  two Share sizes:  Small and Large. The Small (EXPLORATORY) Share is designed for 1 -2 people curious about herbal medicine.  The Large (COMMUNITY) Share is appropriate for a family, community house or an enthusiastic medicinal herb supporter.  Your order form will guide you through what you can choose from for either size share.

These are some of the items you may choose from for you herbal share.  Please contact us for complete list or questions on what other offerings we may have.

balmandflowersSimple tinctures
Tulsi/Holy Basil, Milky Oats, Passionflower, Reishi mushroom,  Echinacea, Yarrow, Motherwort, Elderberry, Pedicularis, Saint Johns Wort

Elderberry and Beyond Syrup, Elderberry Ginger Syrup, Bon-Appet-Eat Digestive Blend, Pain Ease Blend, First Tickle Immune Support Blend, The FUNK formula, Heart support Formula.

Dried Tea herbs
Tulsi, California Poppy, Motherwort, Nettles, Passionflower, Hawthorne, IMMUNI-tea, Sweet Dreams, I love thee tea, SERENI-tea, BLOSSOM blend.

The BALM, Muscle Melt Rub, Breathe Easy Chest Rub, Kiss Me Toothpowder, Five Fingers Spritzer, Five Fingers Smelling Salts, Breathe Easy Smelling Salts, St John’s Wort Oil, St Johns Salve, Calendula Salve
You also receive:

*the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting local business, local and preventative healthcare, sustainable harvesting and creating a connection to your community and mountains
*educational material from your community herbalists orienting you to your herbal wellness goodies.

Cost & Payments
Shares are limited and in high demand, so be sure to sign up early!
Pay 100% at the time of sign-up or pay 50% at time of sign up with the balance due by share pickup.   Sign-up is on a first-come, first-serve basis.   Herban Farmacy can mail your share anywhere in the United States.  Please see the mail order section and email info@herbanfarmacy.org  for details.

Seasonal Wellness share are here!

email: info@herbanfarmacy.org for details.


There will be an opportunity to purchase refills of your favorite herbal medicines if we have the additional quantity in stock.  Please inquire through info@herbanfarmacy.org.  Discounts are offered for bringing your own bottle.  Times can be arranged for refills and we can offer them for you at pickup time.  Currently, we also offer products at Dobra Tea.


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You may send your payment via Cash, Check or PayPal.  Please email us for more information on Seasonal  Herbal Wellness Shares  at info@herbanfarmacy.org
Upon receiving your payment, you will receive a confirmation email from Herban Farmacy (Congratulations!) guaranteeing your Seasonal Wellness Share, plus important details on your wellness purchase.  Please note, for the rest of the season, shares are made to order.  We try to have them made up quickly and into your hands so you can have more days of wellness, yet please allow 2 weeks so we can be sure and prepare your shares in the best ways we can.


Shares have a new look. You will receive you share in all one pickup this year! AND you can pick and choose what you desire in your share. This way we can better cater to meet your families’ needs.   Shares can also be shipped or we can arrange a meetup ***!   

We gladly ship so that you can have some herbal love in your own home and to show your loved ones how much you care.  What a fantastic  gift!  Be sure and select share plus shipping on the payment page AND order by appropriate  deadline.

For pickup and shipping details see the pickup page.

 ***Shipping and meetups are offered for your convenience for a small fee.  Meetups for this season are limited and must be completed prior to December 22nd.  Pickups at your convenience at Herban Farmacy in Downtown Asheville at the apothecary.


We look forward to days where every town offers herb shares, and until that day we will happily ship to folks outside of Asheville.   Please inquire through info@herbanfarmacy.org  with your location and any other questions.  Please note there are additional fees for shipping your share.