Frequently Asked Questions


Does herbalism work?

Yes, herbalism works.  Both Herbalism and Western Medicine play an important role in modern health and disease control in the United States.  Western Medicine may be most successful in healthcare  as a diagnostic tool and for emergency situations.   Pharmaceutical drugs are often effective  for heroic treatment of disease and crisis intervention.  Western Herbal Medicine, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, among many other holistic health-care modalities, are best suited for convalescent nourishment, nutritional toning, creating sustainable long term health, and disease prevention and treatment.

Herbs, also known as Herbal or Dietary Supplements in the United States, are taken orally or topically to rejuvenate and harmonize internal organs and body systems to maintain optimal health. Herbs are readily absorbed into the body and blood stream and, when taken under the skillful recommendation of Clinical heart-herbs-webHerbalists and practitioners, often have minimal to no residual side effects.

What is the dosage for herbs?

These are recommended guidelines for some basic herbal dosages. Please speak with your care provider for specific dosages and instructions.

Teas: Teas can be prepared from fresh or dried herbs.  To prepare tea from fresh herbs, used 1-2 teaspoons per 1 cup or water.  The volume of dry herbs is less per cup of tea than fresh as the oils and active ingredients as the water weight has been evaporated.  The preferred dosage from dried herbs is ½ – 1 teaspoon of plant material per cup hot water.  Steep for 5-10 minutes covered.  For dried barks, roots, and seeds, the traditional manner to extract the most from the herbs is through a slow simmer, or decoction, for 20 minutes to break down the cellulose.

Tinctures and Blends: All Herban Farmacy tinctures will come with a recommended adult dosage on the label.  In general, large and more robust people may require a slightly larger dosage while children, sensitive individuals and elderly folks may require a smaller dosage than an average dosage.  For compromised or little people, divide the weight in pounds by 150 to give the approximate fractions of the adult dose.  (For example, for a 50-pound child, divide 50 by 150 = ⅓.  Therefore, the child’s dose is ⅓ of the adult dose.)

How do I store my herbs? How long will my teas, salves tinctures last?

All products will do best out of direct sunlight, and even better in a dark place.  Herbs keep best away from direct sunlight, in a temperature stable cabinet.  Teas will keep generally for a year if in a sealed container or glass jar.  Salves will last a few years provided they stay out of direct heat and sunshine, which oxidizes the oils and shortens its lifespan.  Some folks choose to refrigerate their salves.  Tinctures will last up to 5 years when store out of direct sunlight, temperature controlled and stored right-side up.

Are all herbs created equal?

Herbs are not created equal.  The quality of herbal products depends on the cultivation and stewardship practices of the farm, the processing and preparation methods of the medicines, and the age of the product, to name a few key steps.  Herban Farmacy’s herbal formulas are derived from wild-harvested and local soils, and are organically grown whenever possible, from our neighbors. Our plants are lovingly tended, derive their strength and potency from living soils and are blended with organic ingredients to create top-notch herbal medicine from your community, made by your community, for your community.

Where are my herbs from?

Our hand-crafted, local, and organic herbal medicine created in small batches are gathered from  well-loved img_4711gardens and wild-crafted from Western North Carolina.

How do I use my herbs?

Each month you will receive an assortment of herbal goodies along with educational material highlighting the traditional uses, and recommended dosage of the medicines for that month.

What is a Clinical Herbalism Consultation?

A clinical herbalism consultation is a session in which your health history is reviewed, as well as your goals towards optimal health.  A consultation will involved reviewing the information on your client Intake form (basically a  health history questionnaire), which will cover your present health, your personal and family health history, and any current or chronic symptoms you are experiencing in which you wish to seek herbal or nutritional support.   A consultation also encompasses any current herbal or medical prescriptions you are currently taking, covers a body systems check-in, discusses your health and wellness goals, and discusses your dietary and sleep patterns.  Through our conversation, you will receive recommendations of herbal supplements and nutritional advice to assist your body in seeking it’s optimum health and vitality.

What if I have a question about my herbs during the share?

We invite your questions to be emailed to us at info@herbanfarmacy.org

If I want to purchase more herbal medicine, how would I do that?

Please let us know of any herbal medicine you wish to purchase for your medicine cabinet, friends and family.  Based on our availability, we would love to help you out.  Please send an email to info@herbanfarmacy.org